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Safe Call Now Fire Fighters
About Safe Call NOw
Safe Call Now is a resource for public safety employees to speak confidentially with officers, former law enforcement officers, public safety professionals and/or mental healthcare providers who are familiar with your line of work.
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Board of Directors
The board at Safe Call Now is lead by some of the top minds from the first response, legal, and political fields. With their help and guidance we are continuing to spread the Safe Call Now message and save more lives.

Public Safety is a stressful, demanding career. Warning signs exist. For many of us, asking for help is a sign of weakness and jeopardizes our careers. Before you lose another friend, partner, spouse, one of your own, consider a simple phone call to us.
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  • Addiction Hotline
    • Safe Call Now provides addicted public safety personnel with confidential and experience help when they most need it.

Emotional Body Armor For First Responders
Protecting The Shield